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How to Configure OSPF for IPv6 (OSPFv3)

The basic features of the OSPFv3 routing protocol are almost same as provided by OSPFv2. However, OSPFv3 is designed to support IPv6-capable networks. In the previous posts, we have discussed a lot about the OSPF routing protocol. We recommend you to

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How to Configure IPv6 on Cisco Routers

We know that the devices on a network require a unique identification number called IP address. We have been using the IPv4 addressing scheme for a long time. But the addresses provided by the IPv4 addressing scheme are not sufficient

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How to Configure EIGRP for IPv6 (EIGRPv6)

EIGRP for IPv6 or EIGRPv6 is the IPv6 compatible version of EIGRP routing protocol. The basic features of EIGRPv6 routing protocol remain same as EIGRP routing protocol. In order to configure EIGRP for IPv6, first of all, you should be familiar

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