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How To Use Switches in GNS3 – Switching Simulation

In order to perform the lab exercises that require switches in GNS3, first, you need to add and configure switches in GNS3. There are three options to simulate switching in GNS3. Use an Ethernet Switch in GNS3. Add a Layer

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How Does a Switch Build the MAC Address Table?

We know that a switch has many advantages over a hub. One of the major reason behind switch’s popularity over hub is its unicast transmission method. A switch has ability to transmit a frame only to a device that deserve

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How to Configure HSRP on Cisco Router

HSRP stands for Hot Standby Routing Protocol. It is a Cisco proprietary protocol that provides high availability and redundancy. It enables a set of router interfaces to work together and present them as a single virtual router (default gateway) to the

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