Building analytics capabilities and high-performing teams

Building analytics capabilities

If data is your lifeblood, you must have a heart with which to pump it.  We help our customers to develop the target-operating model for a world-class data science function.  Then we can set it up for you and run it until you are ready to take it in house.

Launching ventures

Drawing upon our experience working with tech start-ups, we understand how to put in place the people, processes and technology to launch and rapidly iterate a new analytical business or service. This venture work keeps our consultants at the leading edge of their disciplines and capable of offering up-to-date advice to our customers.

Delivering the capability to drive a major remediation programme

In 2011 the Financial Services Authority instructed a number of retail banks to conduct major customer remediation programmes, following concerns about the sale of Payment Protection Insurance products.

Our client had sold over 10M policies through its various subsiduries, an unknown proportion of which would require proactive customer remediation. The rules governing remediation decisions were extremely complex.

Elucidata worked with the bank to develop the technology and recruit a data team capable of driving the proactive remediation programme.

Elucidata consultants built a flexible and powerful data processing engine, capable of integrating a wide range of legacy datasets and applying a cascade of business rules to compute customer detriment.

We recruited and managed a team of ten data specialists charged with developing and operating the solution for the bank.

The system and team then managed the customer remediation mailing cycle and provided business intelligence consumed by the bank, the regulator and the shareholder community.

Elucidata’s solution has been in production for four years and has managed the cases of over two million customers.


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