Unlocking new business with our data commercialisation advisory service

Valuing data-centric businesses

The hottest tech start-ups and the fastest growing tech companies are – almost universally – data-driven businesses.

However, many exciting tech firms fail to deliver the growth and market disruption that seemed so certain at their outset.

We have the expertise to provide assurance and due diligence to investors seeking to acquire in this market

Commercialising existing assets

Many corporations sit on vast "data lakes" collected over many years.  We can help you unleash it.

Delivering a strategy to commercialize payments data

In 2015, Elucidata had a chance to work with one of the UK’s largest payments acquirers: a true big data company.

The firm’s history and growth pattern had left 95% of its data in a state where it could not be used for analysis.  We worked with them to develop a data strategy and to organize their approach to data commercialisation.

This drove the roadmap for a massive, transformational investment in their data infrastructure, which we are proud to be helping them realise.

Elucidata consultants developed a data strategy to drive the activities of a data transformation programme.

We implemented a ‘data commercialisation office’ with the objective of accelerating data commercialisation initiatives.

Our team continue to play a variety of supporting roles in the client’s ongoing data transformation

Today, the client is generating new revenues through market leading, innovative data commercialisation initiatives


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