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Agile data science is our methodology for rapidly unlocking the business value in data.

Quick-Win Projects

Every business has 'quick-win' opportunities but many see their projects soar in scope and complexity.  We deliver truly economical and effective quick-wins by combining existing infrastructure with quickly-deployable technologies and deep experience developing creative solutions to business problems under real-world constraints.

Our quick-win projects help build trust, support and a shared vision for the power of analytics to transform a business.

Design and Prototyping

At the heart of a data-driven business are algorithms and processes.  We design and deliver exciting new analytics, either on our hosted infrastructure or on yours.

Launching the world’s first ‘Precision PR’ service

Elucidata was approached by an entrepreneur with deep links into the UK’s political PR establishment.

A gap in the market for PR professionals had been identified: no social media aggregation service was capable of determining the social influencers of individual VIPs in the online world.

Elucidata was challenged to help launch a platform capable of recreating a PR target’s social media world, and determining the influencers and drivers of their online experience.

We developed a distributed, self-righting, scalable and modular social media streaming platform. It connects to arbitrary sources of content, determines which users of the main platforms it needs to follow, and streams all relevant content into a structured database.

Our data science algorithms analyse this data to determine the factors that shape online behaviour, enabling customers to design and optimise targetted PR strategies.

The new platform launched in May 2015 and achieved its first saleto a FTSE 100 client within a month.


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